Sunday, May 13, 2012

Good Morning

How are you this morning.  I'm better today than I was yesterday at this time.  Let me tell you a story of my morning. My hubby had made some coffee and opened the doors and windows so our cats (we have 4) could go outside. I received a call for a side job and we always pray together before we leave the house. We were praying and heard this loud squeak. Our thought  oh no one of the cats has caught a bird and brought it in the house. We go running surprise in my kitchen. Bigger surprise not a bird a full grown squirrel. Which has decided to get away from the cat by going under the microwave stand.  We move the big cabinet that i use for food storage then move the microwave stand hubby tries to shoo it out of the corner with a broom. I am going no where near it.  So I get hubby a pair of really thick gloves. He picks the squirrel up and it of course tries to bit him thank goodness for the gloves. Takes him out on the deck, the squirrel sees the 4 cats starring at him from the deck he runs up hubbys arm over his head to come to a rest between his shoulders on his back. LOL i was laughing so hard and scared at the same time that it would bite his ears or face. Hubby bends over the side of the deck squirrel isn't going no where. Hubby had to walk off the deck, over to a tree and as soon as he got to the tree the squirrel hopped off and went his merry little way.

What would you do in a situation like this?

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