Wednesday, May 30, 2012

EXTREME COUPONING/What are your Thoughts?

Retailer Alert

The CIC advises retailers that they should exercise caution when

considering participation with the show “Extreme Couponing”,

including allowing filming at retail sites.
“Extreme Couponing” is a

“reality” show produced by Sharp Entertainment and is broadcast on TLC, a

part of Discovery Communications, Inc.

Some of the “guests” on the show, including at least one minor, have

used counterfeit coupons and engaged in other practices in violation of

State or Federal laws, manufacturers’ coupon redemption policies, and/or

retailers’ coupon acceptance policies. Retailers may not be reimbursed for

counterfeit coupons received from the show’s participants.

According to Lowes Foods, an employee of Sharp Entertainment

posed as a customer on a show filmed at one of its stores. Lowes Foods,

which has banned further cooperation with the show, issued a public

apology for cooperating with the show.

Some consumers have reportedly filed complaints against the show

with the Federal Communications Commission.

Additional information about the show can be found at the following


The CIC has previously contacted The Discovery Channel to express

these and related concerns. As of this date, The Discovery Channel, to our

knowledge, has not taken any action to remedy the situation.

In summary, “Extreme Couponing” exposes its retail participants to

potential legal issues and counterfeit coupons, which may not be

reimbursed, as well as potential adverse publicity.

Questions concerning this alert may be directed to Bud Miller, CPP,

Executive Director of the CIC, at 703-684-5307.

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