Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dean's Dairy Review and Dean's $100 Week Giveaway

Dean Dairy Promotion
   As a Mom I always worry about what I feed my kids.  Are they getting what they need in the food pyramid?  Are they getting the vitamins and nutrition without all the extra fillers, antibotics, and growth hormones that alot of animals are given these days?

    So when Dean's Dairy ask me to try their product, I was more than a little shocked.  I thought  "Its Milk", but sure.  So I got my somplimentary milk (Chocolate and White) and proceeded to taste. I thought all milk taste the same, I was wrong.  This milk tasted alot  crisper or cleaner  for lack of a better word.  Now I am a big coffee drinker and I drink milk in my coffee, I also like Iced Coffee (like from the big chains). But being on a very tight budget that is just something I do not buy alot of. I make my own.  A pot of coffee, some ice, and some chocolate milk.
Instead of paying $2.50 for one cup I can pay about $2.50 for 5 cups.  To my surprise the Deans Trumoo make my iced coffee alot creamer and tasted a whole lot better.

    Now when my kids come home from school the first thing they do is raid the refridgerator.  They noticed the Trumoo and all 3 poured a glass.(Not a good thing I hadn't taken a Picture yet) for this reveiw.  So I just went with the flow and asked how they liked it?  2 of them said it was really good 1 said its alot chunkier than the other chocolate milk you normally get. No it wasn't spoiled(LOL) . So I asked what do you mean chunkier?  He proceeded to elaborate, its smoother and thicker. I asked do you mean creamier not chunkier?  He laughed and said yeah thats it.  I have had to buy more a couple times this week.

    To help finish this reveiw I did some research on Dean's Dairy.  I do not want to endorse something that did not have everything my family needed.  In doing my research I found that Dean's Dairy does what they call a 5 point Purity Checklist.  What does that mean?  Let me explain,  They pledge not to use artifical growth hormones, (One of the things I don't want) Their cows are fed a nutritious diet, they reject and milk that contains commonly used antibotics, (number 2 of things i don't want) Their Products are key tested every step of the way, It is cold shipped from dairy to store within hours.  This Milk is not any more than the store brand that I am use to buying so I will be purchasing this from now on.

    Now the really best part to you. Dean's is having a sweepstakes from now until Mother's Day. They will be giving away one $100 grocery gift card each week.  The rules are simple "like" their page and Enter sweepstakes.

Dean Dairy Grocery Card Sweepstakes

Im sorry this is only available in 4 States Ohio, Pennsylvania , West Virgina and Maryland.

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