Sunday, April 29, 2012

What IS In A Day?

What is in a Day?

Most of you are going 24 hours. Yes that is true. The ones that take care of everything are saying too much and not enough hours.  Which one are you?

My usual day consists of getting up at 5:30 am when my wonderful hubby wakes me and tells me coffee is done. I'm usually awake just laying there.

Then its up drink a cup of coffee with hubby.  Then its get the kids up make them breakfast make me another pot of coffee. Make sure the kids get dressed brush teeth. Got your homework (I didn't have any) oh yeah i did. Better Hurry.   Start aload of laundry.  6:45 take kids to school. Drop one off at high school one off at the middle school drop another off to a freinds that go to elementary so I don't have to make another 25 minute trip to the other side of town.  7:40 back home.

Switch laundry, one in dryer one in washer.  Do the breakfast dishes make another much needed cup of coffee.  Sweep and Steam floors. Dust. Switch laundry again. 9:30 OMG I can finally log onto the Blog and Fabebook to see what i've missed. Darn phone rings another telemarketer to tell me I've won a 100 gift card all i have to pay is shipping and i can do that with a credit card over the phone. Dude what world are you living in that isn't going to happen so no thank you.  AWWW  Facebook OMG thats awesome enter that giveaway. Would my wonderful fans like it. YES so post on Blog.

Log into Email 450 how it hasn't even been 12 hours.  Okay clean junk  out delete. Get another cup of coffee seitch last load into dryer.  Read emails (This is where I get alot of Giveaways that I post for you all to enter).

Darn its 1:30 time to get the kids a sanck and something to drink and go sit for 2 hours(Except when one son is conditioning then its 3)Pick up middle school go drop extra kids off go to elementary school. Wait for high school student to meet us and the elementary to let out.

4:00 home. Crap whats for dinner?  Who knows didn't I feed you once today?  Nope state requires that I feed them again LOL.  Homework while I cook dinner. Eat do dishes make another cup of coffee im on second pot by now. 

6:00 plan blog for next day and look for awesome stuff.  Make sure kids get showers in bed by 10. (The kids not ME) Finish planning. Mom im kinda hungry (Teenage Boys) Love them but you need 3 jobs to feed them. 

1:00am  the bed looks so good. I'm heading there now.

This is just a typical day in my house.  I worked the whole time my kids were little and all I ever heard was they are missing out because you work all the time. Now im home and we miss out becasue we don't have as much cash. I lost my job I didn't quit. But now I hear it must be nice to be able to sit on the computer all day.

Moral of the story:  You don't know a persons everyday until you have spent a day in their shoes. Don't be so quick to judge others. Love everyone and give them a smile. It just might make their day.

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