Friday, October 26, 2012

Coupons Coupons Coupons How does your family feel about it?


    How does your family feel about your use of coupons? Do they refuse to go to the 
    store with you? Or do they support you and all your couponing craziness?

    My family is a supportive family. Yes the kids get kinda aggrevated  that it takes awhile 
    sometimes, but all in all the love it.  My daughter will help cut coupons and clean my 
    binder out.  By boys just want to know what they are getting as a snack. LOL they are
    teenagers and eat all the time I think.  My hubby on the other hand will go to the store 
    with me and help me. If I am organizing he will watch the screen to make sure im not getting 
    charged wrong, or he will unload and I watch the screen.  He will use coupons if I Send him
    to the store.  When ask one day from someone that was behind us if it bothered him he stated
    that its silly not to use coupons. She saves me alot of money. I don't care if it takes long.

    Then when we get to the car I always go over the receipt again and check to make
    sure everything is right. I've been overcharged a few times and didn't catch it at the

    I love that my family is into this with me. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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