Monday, June 18, 2012

Soda Stream Review

I have to say we are huge soda drinkers.  My hubby's favorite Pepsi, My kids Mountain Dew.  Let's just say it gets extremely expensive especially during the summer when they are home all day.  So when I was given the chance to review the Soda Stream I was supper excited. 

You've seen the commercial how many hands do you need to hold 33 cans of soda?  Just one, and its made from tap water.  You think to yourself, tap water?  How is that going to taste?   Let me tell you, its just like real soda from the store.  I was given several varities to try the root beer and lemon lime(Sprite to us) taste like it should. I was totally amazed.  We were also given water flavorings to make flavored seltzer water,  all I can say is YUMMO.  There are so many flavors to make of soda and water spritzers you can please everyone in your house.

So your saying how much is this going to cost probably a fortune right?  Nope  The machine itself you can buy for   $ 79.95@   .  The syrups and water flavorings can be bought at Bed Bath &Beyond  and Target, I have heard that Walmart is going to carry them but I haven't seen them yet.  They run around $5.99 for the small bottle that makes 25 liters.  In my book that makes for some pretty cheap soda, with no recycling and no trash from the packaging.  The CO 2  Cartridge is reasonable to $14.99 to refill it at BB&B.  Which is good because the way my kids are going thru it I think I am going to need a new one soon.  The Cartridge does about 130 liters though so it will last awhile.

It was also extremely simple to use the kids could do it themselves, of course they argued over what flavor was next.  So I did go buy some new flavors just to check they have a fountain mist (Mountain Dew), a Grape (hubby says taste like Grape Crush), Cola, Ginger Ale, tons of flavors to choose from.  On top of that they also have the Naturals  in just as many flavors.

Now we also have this curious gene in my family that makes us all think I wonder what else we can make fizzy?   We did Koolaid  But NEVER NEVER NEVER make the drink first and then hook it up to the machine. (Just a tip) We used the already made with the sugar added and mixed to our liking and I must say it was good.  Then of course we tried tea.  It was good.  I am a HUGE coffee drinker I can't bring myself to do that one yet.  But i'm sure i will here soon LOL.

So Check out Soda Stream  and see what amazing things you can come up with for your family.  I bet you have alot of fun.  You may even find that you have a chemist in the family.

I was given the products pictured for free. The views expressed are my own.  I would only endorse something I think would help me and my family and my friends.

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